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Richard Freer - 4th Dan

I began Karate at the age of seven after I became hooked on Bruce Lee films. My parents decided to take me to karate classes before I damaged something in the house. I went to a club in Leicester that was originally set up by a Japanese sensei.


Sensei Conroy taught at the club when I originally joined but soon after left and I was taught by another Sensei. I trained at the club until I achieved my 2nd Kyu. I entered a number of competitions while at this club. I then became aware of Sensei Conroy’s new club and I moved to train under him and Sensei Limmage. I gained my Black belt at the age of twelve, my Second Dan at the age of twenty and my Third Dan at the age of twenty six, 2003. I gained my 4th Dan in 2009.


I very much enjoy teaching and currently run a club at the Central avenue church in Wigston. I teach both adults and children from beginners up to experienced students.