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  Black Belts

Andy Fox - 3rd Dan

During a lunchtime chat at work I sat and listened to two colleagues talk about Karate. One was a Shodan, the other was an 8th kyu. This was the point in which the seed was planted in my mind.

Curiosity got the better of me and I began to ask questions about Karate. Mainly because I new absolutely nothing at all about the sport.

“The only way to learn about Karate is to join a club,” I was promptly told. Which was exactly what I did.

I remember being totally amazed by the abilities of the other students and thought maybe one day I could have the knowledge that they had worked so hard to possess.

January 26th 1992 was my first grading and became a 9th kyu. Over the following years I trained twice-weekly gaining grades every six months. In January 1994 I changed clubs to the Conroy Karate Club and began training 3 times a week. The club was larger than the previous one with more advanced students, which only inspired me further. By February 1997 I was standing in front of four examiners accepting my 1st Dan.

I had finally achieved what I had set out to gain. My Karate apprenticeship was over. I could now begin to develop my skills further. Over the coming years my commitment to Karate took second place to my family with the birth of my daughter in 1998 and son in 2000. Training was reduced to once a week keeping body and mind active.

Having achieved 2nd dan my sights are now set on 3rd  Dan and beyond, but that’s for tomorrow.