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Gorden Limmage - 5th Dan

I started karate in 1973 at the local T.A centre in Leicester, training in the Kyokushinkai style. After two years, I decided that it wasnít for me, and tried my hand at Kung fu, but yet again that didnít suit me.

It was then that I ventured down to the Secular Hall, where Shotokan karate was being taught under Sensei Tony Conroy, and where I eventually achieved my black belt in 1983.

I have travelled all over the country to train on courses held by Japanese Senseis, and to compete in tournaments. I have participated in many competitions, competing in Kata and Free-fighting, as part of a team or individually. My proudest moment was travelling to France to take part in team events against the French national team.

At the moment Iím training hard in Kata and basics to achieve a higher standard so that I can eventually gain 6th Dan status.

I still enjoy the physical challenge that karate brings, and hope to be training for many years to come.