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Kevin King - 4th Dan

The first time I went down to the Leicester Karate club was at the age of 16 to see what martial arts was all about. Since that first day, when I visited the dojo, I wanted to find out more about Karate. I started training in 1981 under the instruction of sensei Anthony Conroy (3rd Dan) at that time and soon started to get fitter and understand more about myself and what I could do.

I have had the privilege to train on courses and gradings with some senior karate instructors who visited the club including Sensei Enoeda, Steve Cattle, Terry O'Neill, Bob Poynton, Andy Sherry and many more.

In 1986 I passed my 1st Dan with the late sensei Enoeda. Not long after I passed my grading, sensei Anthony Conroy began teaching at St Mathews sports hall and I have trained under him ever since. His ability and skills are second to none and his way of teaching and techniques have helped me progress with my understanding of the martial arts.

I have been training for the last 21 years first at the Leicester Karate club and at St Mathews sports hall. I passed my 2nd Dan in 1993 with sensei Anthony Conroy and 3rd Dan 2004. I hope to further my knowledge and to develop my training and skills for many years to come.

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