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  Black Belts

Lynne Conroy  - 2nd Dan

My interest in karate, back in 1976, was inspired by the Bruce Lee films, when at that time there was a general increase in popularity of martial arts, and a number of small clubs opened to cash in on the interest.

I chose to attend one of the largest clubs in Leicester at the time, knowing that it would be well run and have qualified instructors.

The intakes every few months were quite large, and I was one of 15-20 beginners who soon formed friendships Ė some of which have lasted to this day.

I and three other girls were so keen we trained three or four times a week as well as weekend courses when organised.

We formed a ladies kata team, which together with the menís fighting teams and individual events, we entered and won National and Regional competitions.

After taking time off to have and bring up three children, I am again training regularly despite my Ďadvancing yearsí, and recently attained my nidan (second dan) black belt.

I have never had to use my skills, but the knowledge gives me much more confidence that I would be able to defend myself in an assault situation. Iím sure I walk with that same confidence, and who knows, that may have been a deterrent in a possible incident.

 I will be continuing to train for the foreseeable future, as the exercise keeps my weight in check as well as keeping me fit. I hope to train for many years to come.