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Mick McDonagh  - 4th Dan

I started karate training in July 1982 accompanied by my younger brother Tez and a friend. I first trained at the Secular Hall Karate Club, under its chief instructor Sensei Tony Conroy, where I eventually gained my 6th Kyu (Green belt). Unfortunately, it was shortly after this grading that I had to stop training because of family commitments.

I restarted training during November 1993, with my four sons under Sensei Terry Colvin, who’s high standard of instruction allowed me to gain 1st Dan in February 1997, under Sensei Tony Conroy, 2nd Dan in October 1999 and eventually. 3rd Dan in May 2005.

Although it was unfortunate that Sensei Terry Colvin had to close his club through work commitments, I am pleased to say that Terry and I still train together along side two of my sons under the instruction of Sensei Tony Conroy. I would recommend the sport to anybody as a way to keep fit, which it has done for my family and I.

Years on I still enjoy the training as does my family.