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Steve Perry - 2nd Dan

Iíd had an interest in Karate for many years, but the varied hours of my work meant joining a club and committing to a regular time each and every week was impractical.

A friend of mine introduced me to sensei Conroy five years ago. Being in my late 30ís at the time I was conscious of perhaps being a little too old to start. Fortunately for me that myth was quickly laid to rest! A combination of private tuition and regular classes at different locations in and around Leicester afforded the flexibility to train on a regular basis.

I achieved my first dan grading on August 26th 2006 , and I can say without reservation, that Iíve thoroughly enjoyed the experience to date. Training with sensei Conroy has helped improve my fitness, flexibility and self confidence. Iíve also been lucky to meet many friendly people along the way who I now enjoy training with on a regular basis.