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Terry Colvin - 5th Dan

I first started karate at a young age, though at that time didn’t take it to seriously until the age of sixteen. It was during my formative years that my main instructors were Sensei Harvey Smith and Sensei A. Conroy, during which I attended many courses under Terry O’Neil, Andy Sherry, Steve Cattle, Bob Poynton and Billy Higgins just to mention a few.

Over the years I attended and passed numerous courses that lead me to organize and run, with great success, my own karate club. The success of that club was proved when competing at competitions, were my student and I gained excellent results, which ultimately lead to myself and other club members being asked to represent the A.M.A England Squad from 1992 – 1997 - this was for me by far my greatest achievement and a great honour for myself and my students.  Unfortunately, due to work commitments I was unable to continue the running of my club, though still take an active role in training at Sensei A. Conroy’s karate club.

My other achievements are: -  

1st  Dan –1987 under Sensei K Enoeda

2nd Dan –1991 under Sensei P Conroy

3rd Dan –1994 under Sensei R Jackson

4th Dan –1999 under Sensei A Conroy   

5th  Dan - 2004 Awarded

I am at present training hard with Sensei A Conroy, working towards my 6th Dan. 

I feel karate is not just about self-defense but also about the development of one’s self-confidence, courage and self-discipline. I have enjoyed my time competing in competitions at home and abroad, and because of the numerous medals and trophies gained during this time, have allowed me to gain much prestige amongst my fellow competitors.